Your new partner in ocean prediction

UNDERSEE relies in oceanographic models to provide ocean data from the past up to 10 days in the future, including temperature, salinity, oxygen, chlorophyll.

Select your location and start understanding how the ocean impacts your business right now.


Water data without need of technical skills

In-situ data, satellite images and digital technologies are merged to offer the largest coverage of water quality ever seen. This includes rivers, lakes, estuaries, fjords and the ocean.

Water data is provided in an end-to-end service in the place of the farm and delivered in a WebAPP.

No more installations, calibrations and maintenance are required to the user. 


Fine-tune water quality-based operations

By associating ocean forecasts to computer analysis of water data you can achieve a more efficient programming of daily operations, including:

  • Fish feeding anticipation;
  • Fish transport planning;
  • Assessment of water-related stress factors for fish;
  • Fish capture planning.

In some locations we can also obtain values of observed Chlorophyll-a in the water which can alert you for the approximation of an algae bloom.

Our packages


Free forever
  • 1 predefined location
  • 1 shared login account
  • T, Sal, DO, CHL, pH, water level and velocity
  • up to 10 days forecast data


Starting at 300€ per month
  • 1 selectable location
  • 2 user accounts
  • T, Sal, DO, CHL, pH, water level and water velocity
  • up to 10 days forecast data
  • data validation with client's measurements
  • technical support
  • 14-days trial


Volume discount price
  • customized locations
  • customized user accounts
  • all Pro parameters plus dissolved iron, nitrate, phosphate, silicate, phytoplankton and pCO2
  • up to 10 days forecast data
  • data validation with client's measurements
  • dedicated technical account management
  • data analytics with client's operational data

Technical specifications

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