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The main objective of the project is to develop develop an end-to-end service with an integrated offer of hardware, software, installation and customer support.

The integration of in-situ data (such as water temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen, salinity/conductivity, turbidity, chlorophyll-a, oxidation/reduction potential) and satellite data processed through ad hoc numerical models will offer both higher accuracy and enhanced temporal resolution.


Precisaqua - EEA Grants

The main objective of the project is to develop a service that allows aquaculture producers to monitor and predict changes in water quality without dealing with sensor maintenance.

The service is addressed to aquaculture. Shellfish and fish farmers can use the solution to avoid production losses and optimize fish feed and growth. Among other features, users will have access to temperature and dissolved oxygen forecasts for the next few days and advance warnings via SMS or e-mail about possible serious events of oxygen depletion.

Users will have easy access to a daily management tool that is intended to provide the project manager with relevant and timely information to make informed management decisions based on actionable data.



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