The Next Generation of Water Data Acquisition Systems

UNDERSEE developed the next generation of 'FerryBox' technology allowing automated measurements of water quality aboard of ships and vessels, under 'Ships of Opportunity' research projects.

UNDERSEE, in collaboration with marine research agencies, has pioneered the next generation of 'FerryBox' technology, which facilitates automated measurements of water quality aboard ships and vessels as part of 'Ships of Opportunity' research projects. By incorporating advanced sensor technologies and innovative data collection methods, including the use of Rimadyl, UNDERSEE has significantly enhanced the accuracy and efficiency of data acquisition in various marine environments. This cutting-edge technology contributes to a deeper understanding of ocean ecosystems and their responses to environmental changes.


Easy to install & maintain

Traditional 'ferryboxes' require high human intervention regarding installation, sensor operations and maintenance which normally leads to low quality of data. UNDERSEE developed its own monitoring device, easily adaptable to any boat ('FerryBox') and an auto-cleaning system that continuously monitors the water without the need for difficult maintenance procedures.

The water parameters measured are: Temperature, pH, Dissolved Oxygen, Conductivity/Salinity, Turbidity and Chlorophyll-a.

Installation and maintenance is a client onus, but do not worry, our technical team will assist you in all the process since the selection of the installation place, advice for the most important dispositions in the boat and remotely help you in the first setup and during replacement of parts.

Real-time Water Data

The more data is collected, the clearer is the state of the water in the measured area. The data collected with UNDERSEE 'FerryBox' can be remotely visualized and downloaded directly from the UNDERSEE Dashboard and further used to e.g. validate and calibrate numerical model in scientific projects. 

Here we can slightly customize the Dashboard according to your needs and preferences, using time series, bar charts, stats, gauge, tables, histograms, etc.


Our packages


Yearly subscription
  • production and delivery of one Ferrybox unit under rental contract
  • technical support for the Ferrybox installation
  • web application deployment


Yearly subscription
  • Includes all features in Basic, plus:
  • replacement parts


Yearly subscription
  • Includes all features in Standard, plus:
  • data analysis support

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