Enabling precision aquaculture with
real-time water data and forecasts

About the project

Traditional water monitoring activities, sensor operations, maintenance and control process are manual and influenced by the personal experience which normally leads to low quality of data sets. In aquaculture segment, where the levels of water quality are essential to maintain the product in excellent conditions for human consumption, this task is a heavy consumer of time and money for the fish farmer. On the other hand, forecasts of water quality are either missing or time-consuming for more technological fish farmers and some unproductive episodes might be missed, as oxygen depletion or algae blooms.


This project will bring to the market a new service/product for the aquaculture sector that will contribute for a more effective and sustainable fish farming sector. Users will have access to real-time and forecasts of surface water temperature and levels of dissolved oxygen concentrations for the upcoming days and alerts of possible oxygen depletion or even algae bloom events. The new service model will offer a turnkey solution to aquaculture producers that allows to monitor and predict water quality and their changes without concerns about equipment purchase and sensor’s maintenance.


The accomplishment of the project pass through the development of a new 'FerryBox' device to measure in-situ the water parameters in real-time and the adaptation of numerical routines to simulate and predict the water parameters in the pilot area. A 6-month pilot and proof of concept will be implemented in an aquaculture facility in Norway.


The main expected results from the operation are:


  • The downtime period of in-situ data acquisition should be less than 10% of the total operation hours.

  • The sensor maintenance frequency of the in-situ data acquisition must be at least above 3 months, maintaining the quality of data sets.

  • 3D High resolution model calibrated and validated for the pilot area.

  • Water quality forecasts with at least 72h anticipation.


The project will benefit from the experience and knowledge from the partner Técnico de Lisboa - IST within the implementation of MOHID numerical models to simulate hydrodynamic processes. The partner from the Donor State, The Norwegian Institute for Water Research (NIVA) will contribute with the testing of the new 'FerryBox' device and with the operationalization and validation of the numerical models to be implemented on the pilot area.


For the project to be successful, the communication and dissemination of its efforts, experience and results are crucial and will influence the short term and long-term impact of the project. The purpose of this document is to describe the communication strategy and plans foreseen to enhance project impact.

Total Investment: 430 119.00€ 
Financing Amount: 301 083.00€ (EEA Grants) 
Project Promoter: UNDERSEE (Matereospace, Lda.) 
Project Operator: DGPM – Direção Geral de Política do Mar
Partners: NIVA – Norwegian Institute for Water Research (Norway); IST – Técnico Lisboa (Portugal)

Start date: 29/10/2020
End date: 30/04/2022
Duration: 18 months

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Project financed by
Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway, through EEA Grants.