Precision aquaculture anywhere and any time

UNDERSEE enables precision aquaculture with underwater sensors and numerical models that deliver data in real-time to the cloud.

Welcome to the future in water monitoring.

Here are some of the reasons to choose UNDERSEE


Easy to adapt to any existent platform like aquaculture cages, buoys, bridges or boats. UNDERSEE_water is composed by a plug-and-play system and wireless communication.

Real-time Alerts

Specify alerts, faults and insights for water parameters and you will get notification messages in your web platform, e-mail and/or by SMS in your mobile phone.

Improved Predictability

A sudden surge in contaminants in an aquaculture can lead to a catastrophic loss of assets. Be aware of sudden changes in water parameters, reduce surprises and act before disasters happen due to our continuous monitoring.

Support Decision Making

Maintain historic data of water parameters and support your strategic decisions, change inspection periodicity and improve assertiveness.

About us

UNDERSEE enables Precision Aquaculture. We provide a maintenance free solution to monitor and collect water quality data coupled with state of the art forecast models.

Check out our products...

UNDERSEE_water is a small and easy-to-install device, equipped with state-of-the-art sensors technology, used to collect data from water bodies at real-time.



UNDERSEE_water is a small and easy-to-install device, equipped with state-of-the-art sensors technology, used to collect data from water bodies at real-time.

Among other data, UNDERSEE_water is able to collect:

Water quality: temperature, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, conductivity, color, etc.;

Satellite image: water surface maps at different scales and temporal resolutions;

Position: spatial coordinates of the device;

Water depth: local distance to the bottom;



At UNDERSEE_cloud dashboard the user is able to get easy access to several parameters and settings as the following:

Real time alerts from Undersee #water and satellite measurements;

Early warnings from state of the art forecast models;

Review historical data;

Set up UNDERSEE system in 4 simple steps

1. Choose where to install

UNDERSEE_water is suitable for a large range of marine, maritime and river platforms as buoys, boats, bridges or aquaculture cages. Choose the one that is more suitable for you.

2. Select the water parameters

Among the data that UNDERSEE_water can collect are: position, water quality (temperature, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, conductivity, color), water depth, image, satellite image and sounds.

3. Define the communication type

Available communications are:
Wifi - Benefits from existing networks;
3G - Reliable and secure solution for inland and coastal applications;
Iridium - Extreme solution for offshore environments.

4. Start monitoring

Ask to our team the user and password access to our cloud and get real-time data from the water.

This is what you can get

A chance to manage your data in one simple platform.

UNDERSEE_water is a small and easy-to-install device, equipped with state-of-the-art sensors technology, used to collect data from water bodies at real-time.


The small and easy-to-install UNDERSEE_water device is used to collect water data and communicate the results in real-time to UNDERSEE_cloud.

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The incoming data to UNDERSEE_cloud is continuously treated and analysed with our hydrodynamic models and IoT tools for better comprehension of water behavior and risk assessment.



In UNDERSEE_cloud, user is able to define alerts, faults and insights for each UNDERSEE_water. Notifications can be visualized in a web platform or received by e-mail and/or SMS.

Where to install?

There are several platform where you can install our system. Ask our team.

Aquaculture infrastructures




Our vision

By merging satellite data with local data from different sources (e.g. aquaculture cages, boats, bridges, buoys...), UNDERSEE envision the creation of maritime satellites. We will be able to ensure the quality of our dynamic maps, validated with in-situ sensors at different spatial and temporal resolutions, and get a global view of the state of water.


"We recognise the importance of the innovation potential of UNDERSEE for the future of sea activities and other water resources."



"We have seen a lot of great companies from Portugal, and Undersee was our number one pick."

Maren Hjorth Bauer

CEO and co-founder of Katapult Ocean


“I’ve seen so many half-ready prototypes introduced to the market in the past, but in this case both the hardware and their site are nice, shiny and ready to go. Their high-precision equipment and its ease of use seem relevant for fish farmers everywhere.”

Jonas Røstad

COO of Miros

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